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DECK- the Future of Enterprise Document Management


Do you still use those basic Document management systems? Actually you can use a better one. Asta as the market leader and pioneer of DMS in Hong Kong is developing Document Management Systems as an identified DECK tool satisfying almost all demands on Document Management.


What’s DECK?

D: Document Management
E: Email Management
C: Case Management
K: Knowledge Management

Unlike old technical developed Document Management Systems, Asta DMS owns multiple functions to pass fast, convenient and intuitive information management. On the base of document management, we’re also developing Asta DMS as an Email Manager, Task Manager and Knowledge Manager.


Email Management

Every day we generate a large number of emails which also contain some important and confidential content/files. We will inevitably in a trouble when email leakage or plagiarism happens. However only a few clicks can make a smooth email transfer into your DMS to keep it safe.


Case Management

Our system is equipped with a simple but perfect workflow function, basically meets the needs of most companies in this regard, users can approve projects, invoices and contracts by this. At the same time, users also can send some notices and materials to specific users for notification and discussion.


Knowledge Management

Asta DMS provides you a definitely safe and powerful file storage, supports over 200 document formats online view, can connect with Database of Oracle, Microsoft SQL , My SQL and so on. All offer you a full control of your knowledge.