The Asta Content Server (Asta CMS)empowers the technical and even the non-technical users to create and administrate the website in minutes with a few mouse clicks. It provides a proven, reliable and scalable architecture and also a comprehensive platform for building, integrating, delivering and managing Content, Web Applications and Web Services across intranets, extranets and the Internet. It is based on open standard and comprised of two key components, the Core Services Application Framework and the Web Content Management Modules. As a result, inconsistencies resulted from the separate applications could be avoided.


• Capable to be set up and ran in one day.
• Saves lots of effort and cost in site maintenance.
• User-friendly for non-technical users.
• Serves as an intranet to improve productivity with a centralized access to information and knowledge.
• Integrates with employee self service workflow applications such as leave application, over time claim form etc.
• Creates personalized and private areas for suppliers, consultants, co-contractors or technological partners.