Asta Missions and Values

We believe in customer satisfaction and are dedicated to providing the most powerful and efficient software, support services to meet the client’s specific needs.


Quality and Effective

We serve you sincerely, responsible for each project anytime you need, don’t waste your time, providing one-stop solutions to our customers with quality product and services.

Long-term Customer Partnerships

We don’t just sell our products, but also keep communicating with our customers, like working as a team, work with you to improve and finish different projects, build long-term partnerships between us.

Constant Revolution and Accumulation

Stagnation is enterprises’ cancer, Asta know it and we continue to develop advanced and reliable application software product through continuous innovation, knowledge accumulation and operation optimization, satisfying your high standards and non-stop changes with times.

Become the Industry Leader

We are dedicated to become the leader in the enterprise software industry and build up ASTA as a globally renowned brand.