Enterprise Resource Planning System

INTEGRATE, AUTOMATE and TRANSFORM all key business and operation processes by using our centralized ERP solution.

REDEFINE business efficiency.

DELIVER remarkable customer experience.

Why our ERP system?

With the high transparency of our ERP solution, we facilitate communication across business units, promote collaboration of teams and improve connectivity of different operation processes, introducing a new dimension of efficiency and smart business management.

Functions of Our ERP System.

Our ERP system has a total of 43 modules that are fully integrated, supporting a diverse range of business functions. The functions include Sales & Customer services, Project Management, Human Resources Management, Warehouse & Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Requirements (MRP).

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 Working in a fast-paced office that involves client engagement, being cost-efficient and constantly monitoring own performance are crucial to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Our Sales Management System aims to reduce operating and time cost by incorporating automation to aid companies to shift the business processes online.    Major features include: Stay connected with customers to boost customer satisfaction rate, obtain real-time overview of sales figures, conduct easy scheduling, generate accurate forecasts for better decision-making process etc.

Modules include:

  CRM: Track activities, receive real-time overview and accurate

 Sales: Send polished quotations with electronic Signature to customers, integrate with online payment system.

  eSign: Approve your documents

  Subscription: Reduce time on tedious tasks and maintain long-lasting relationships with subscribers.

  POS: Develop relationship with customers online and offline using this flexible selling module.

  Appointment: Allows clear management of schedules on

  Helpdesk: Provide technical assistance by answering queries from customers from different channels

  Live Chat: Engage and deliver real-time support to

  SMS: Effectively schedule your SMS

Understanding the financial position is crucial to every company in order to allow the management board to conduct more efficient decision-making.

ASTA One’s Accounting & Finance System allows you to produce detailed balance sheets, cashflow statements with ease, so errors can be minimized, and productivity can be increased. Accountants can hence work on higher tier of duties and leave these tedious work for the system.

Modules include:

Accounting: Help managing bills and expenses, generate clear reports.

Invoicing: Manage Contracts, create invoices from quotes easily and receive payments quicker.

Document: Shift business online, streamline workflow and promote the idea of paperless.

Let’s make business easy. With full payment method integration and item suggestion automation, customers can shop without worries and make more efficient decisions.

ASTA One’s Retail & O2O solution enables you to provide real-time support to your client on the platform and solve customer enquiries as soon as possible to smoothen their purchasing process. Most importantly, the modules are easily accessible, you can create a sophisticating website without any coding knowledge.

Modules include:

 Helpdesk: Provide technical assistance by answering queries from customers from different channels efficiently.

  Invoicing: Manage Contracts, create invoices from quotes easily and receive payments quicker.

Live Chat: Engage and deliver real-time support to visitors.

  SMS: Effectively schedule your SMS campaigns.

Website: Create a code-free website.

Appointment: Allows clear management of schedules on calendar.

Inventory: Maximize warehouse efficiency and reduce process time.

Launching projects in a business is always troublesome and daunting because of the complicated processes and the large number of changes that must be completed. Do you want to make the process smoother and achieve all project goals as scheduled?

Our Project Management System aims to make transformation easier for companies by offering solutions that make every project process looks clear and obvious. The clean and user-friendly interface allows several users to communicate online and organize, plan tasks accordingly. The powerful applications can also generate visual analytics to make data easier to read.

Modules include:

Project: Conceptualize project scope, make project management convenient.

Timesheet: Track time, forecast productivity. 

Planning: Catalyzes the process of your dream comes true.

Field Service: Deliver superb services to customers using this mobile system.

Rental: Create your rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice from one single place.

Especially under the current pandemic situation, a larger population have a glimpse of the convenience brought by e-shops and are more open-minded towards technology. Therefore, the influence of e-commerce and social media are currently being shed light on.

Our E-marketing & Communication System allows high level of flexibility in designing your website and clear presentation on marketing strategies and statistics.

Modules include:

Email Automation: Grasp every chance to generate revenue with emails.

Email Marketing: Efficiently send commercial emails to a population. 

Events: Promote, organize and manage on-site and online events.

Social Media: Share your stories.

Website: Create a code-free website.

eCommerce: Design and customize your unique eCommerce platform. 

Do you want to improve your accuracy in employee-managing and talent acquisition?

Our HRM solution allows users to customize recruitment process, track job offers and calculate payroll to employees. The organized interface promotes every process to be kept track simply yet professionally. 

Modules include: 

Payroll: Easily calculate employees’ compensation.

Contact: Record contact method.

Online Job: Monitor published job listings online. 

Lunch: Measure the lunch period of employees.

Attendance: Monitor the attendance rate of employees.

E-Learning: Publish content on social media, centralize internal documentation.

Recruitment: Organize job listings, make talent acquisition process easy.

Referral: Share open job positions and follow ongoing referrals. 

Leaves: Keep track of employees’ vacations.

Expenses: Easily manage and monitor employees’ expenses.

Approval: Manage employees’ request systematically.

Appraisal: Create appraisals in minute and review employees’ performances.

Want to transform your supply chain operations to make it more efficient?

Our Warehouse Management solution promotes automation in the operating process of warehouse. The system will generate real-time reports for smarter operating decision-making. Every stock move on the system is totally traceable under our double-entry inventory system.

Modules include:

  Purchase: Automate purchasing workflow, easily manage orders

 Barcode: Keep track of the unique barcode on each item.

Inventory: Maximize warehouse efficiency and reduce process time.

Fleet: Manage vehicles, contracts, costs, insurances and assignments through this user-friendly administrative system. 

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness in manufacturing, our modules in the MRP category can track performance, automate preventive maintenance, and organize maintenance request. The user interface is exceptionally easy to use with a drag-and-drop function, users can easily pick up the usage method.

Modules include:

Manufacturing: Plan accurately, communicate real-time, automate by utilizing data using this all-in-one solution.

PLM: Manage engineering changes with real-time communication.

Maintenance: Automate preventive maintenance, organize maintenance requests and increase overall equipment effectiveness.

Quality: Create quality control plans at specific operations and manage quality alerts.