Business Process Management

Streamline routine business process to optimize your business efficiency

Designed for team-wide collaboration, the Asta Business Process Management keeps everyone in your team in-sync in a dynamic business environment.

e-Form Designer

Eliminate all kinds of paper problems! Design your multilingual e-Form by simply drag-and-dropping different components or built-in templates provided by our e-Form editor while editing across different database. Web-form conversion means you can generate your html e-forms with just a few clicks.

Drag-and-drop Workflow Designer

Using our no code Workflow designer, you can create your versatile workflow flowcharts. The complete process can be seen in a graphical depiction showing the start point, end point, action points, etc. Making changes can be as easy as drag-and-drop.

Organization Chart Designer

The hierarchical chart of our BPM is flexible to support unlimited branching, project teams, multiple-role setting for same persons. Changes can be made dynamically to reflect new working relationship. Integrate with Active Directory and LDAP server, you can log into your account across multiple applications.

Workflow Engine

Reduce project backlog with our easy to use and adjustable workflow engine, a wide variety of workflows are support, including linear, fan, dynamic countersign and conditional branch, etc. Our BPM can provide you with the solution as close as your requirement as possible.

SDK and Integration

Asta BPM supports various web services APIs. For instance, writing Java script in e-Form and workflow step and storing it in your own scripting library for easy customization.

Mobile Access

Forget about your traditional laptops and desktops! Synchronized with our web portal, you can scrutinize tasks anytime, anywhere on the mobile portal. Our variable mobile interface is smart and smooth, helping you to monitor everything in real-time.


Take full control of active workflow processes, manage tasks and react immediately while accessing to real-time data, such as number of online users, system log, bulletin system, etc. Your employees can initiate a work process only with your permission.

Dashboard and Report

Get key insight into processes utilizing our dashboard and reports on your own portal. Built-in default statistics reports make it easy to get started customization from workflow data. Backing up, restoring and synchronizing the database is possible with our DB maintain tool.