Document Right Management

Keep your data safe and secure

Web Based Document Right Management

Use the Document Right Management feature for better security of our content.

Set the document only for views, so that other users cannot save, download or print it.

Deter screenshotting or taking photos of documents:

  • Add watermarking
  • Track the username, IP address, date and time of the person viewing the document

Preset a document cover showing signed approval information or version numbers

Document Right Management Client (Optional)

Install a DRM Client at the client PC. Control the usage right of the files after they have been downloaded to the client PC. Distribute documents to the users.
Set the permission policy and restrictions for other users to not be able to save, print, and/or share your file.

Document Encryption

The documents are encrypted using AES256 so that the IT system administrator cannot read/access the file by accessing the file repository.