Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A fantastic scanning tool you never knew you needed

Convert handwritten, typed, scanned text, or text inside images to machine-readable text. Store, search, and edit it easily.

Outstanding Accuracy & Format Retention

We deliver up to 99% increase in overall OCR accuracy and faster document processing of high-quality images, documents with multiple complex image items and difficult-to-read print quality.

OCR, ICR, Checkmark and Barcode Recognition

Thanks to the advanced technologies with unprecedented accuracy, the system can recognize 1D and 2D barcodes and check marks. The powerful image pre-processing functions also help to significantly improve recognition quality.

Multiple Languages Enabled

With a constantly expanding language base, the OCR software now supports up to 186 languages, including Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Yiddish, etc.

Integration with Popular Office Application Popular Office Application

Scanned and processed documents can be exported directly to the office applications like Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, and Adobe® Acrobat®/Reader®.

Automated Data Capture for all Document Types

Streamline business processes by automating time- and resource-consuming manual tasks, such as pre-sorting and data entry for business-critical documents, including invoices, agreements, purchase orders, registration forms and more.

Document Separation and Classification

We provide both simple separation and advanced classification of documents. Intelligent classification via multi-page document definitions enables different document types to be processed in a single stream. And with the help of built-in multi-level classifiers, the document definition matching and data extraction process is optimized for higher efficiency.

Ready-made Connectors for MS and Google Enterprise

Not only does it act as a standalone document capture solution, but also connects as a background OCR server to the enterprise search systems such as Google Search Appliance™ and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server, as well as Windows® Desktop Search enabling the aforementioned systems with the ability to index and search through the content of image documents.

Redaction and Archiving

Redaction allows concealing confidential or sensitive data from certain fields. Document images can easily be prepared for archiving when converting them to Searchable PDF or PDF/A.

Invoice Processing with Line Item Extracted

You can train up the intelligent recognition engine to recognize the document pattern and extract the data you need, including invoice date, invoice number, line items, and more.

Data Verification to Increase Data Integrity

Data verification is designed to execute low-level verification tasks to check if extracted data can be matched with original document information. Verification can be achieved on a group and field level with a full-scale image review if necessary. Documents can be sent to an exception queue in case data extraction results require additional verification or testing.


  • Fast deployment
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Flexible integration with scanners and MFPs
  • Automates invoice processing with data capture
  • Simple to operate with easy interface for verification
  • Increases efficiency with more resources and time freed from tedious manual data entry