Banking & Financial Services

Accelerate growth and drive productivity

Advance office efficiency

Reduce time spent maintaining, transferring and tracking down physical forms. Organize customer records effectively and make information available to all authorized users. Retrieve documents easily and instantly based on multiple factors.

Enhance customer experience

Meet and surpass your customer expectations with intelligent and efficient exchange and collaboration.

Achieve compliance easily

With the extreme levels of pressure exerted on the financial services industry, firms are required to meet the highest possible levels of security and compliance. ASTA ensures you stay on top of them.

Improve workflow management

Work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Speed up fiscal planning and simplify budget and contract management. Expedite the growth and accelerate workflow immensely with our advanced content management system.


Secure your data and provide better services

Make workflow more effective

Cooperate on content, route and circulate it for review, and publish it securely on the web using business process automation. Share, search, and retrieve information across different branch locations easily and instantly. Produce and process information in a more regulated, cost-effective, and quicker way than ever before.

Work anywhere, anytime

Access, view, and work with your content securely from anywhere, anytime. Perform and manage individual or group tasks and review, approve and sign documents conveniently using electronic forms.

Embrace digitalization

Deploy with our powerful web infrastructure and save your resources by simplifying system management and workflow. Digitize, create, manage, and secure information and processes across your organization to improve efficiency.

Protect your content with industry-leading security

Protect privacy and confidentiality with industry-standard encryption and stringent access controls for your data. Only PCs with registered IP and MAC (Media Access Control) addresses are allowed to access your content. Provide employees with reliable, controlled access to data from anywhere, anytime with secure encryption and multi-factor authentication.


Scale up. Reach out. Make a difference.

Create a digital workplace

Securely store, manage, share, and collaborate on content related to communications, fundraising, grants, and programs in a centralized workspace, and make the work processes simpler and faster. Collaborate on content and interact with recipients, partners, volunteers, and vendors easily and efficiently.

Manage your files better

Assemble and manage photos, videos, and stories needed and share and collaborate on them more smoothly.

Design and customize applications

Develop custom program content management and collaboration instruments for your associates, contributors, and grantees using the ASTA content management system.


Digitize and achieve better efficiency

Ensure transparent communications

Ensure transparent communications

Achieve improved collaboration and transparent communications through implementing smart document management.

Achieve organizational excellence

Achieve organizational excellence

Stimulate exceptional service delivery through effective electronic forms-driven workflows.

Maintain administrative compliance

Maintain administrative compliance

Enhance secure information governance across campus with the best security management tools.

Improve operations campus-wide

Improve operations campus-wide

Build a seamless digital experience for prospective students through simplifying admissions review and approval. Facilitate review and approval to encourage collaborative and smart decision-making. Accelerate responsiveness to student requests through easy-to-use e-forms solutions.

Professional Services

Build loyalty by enhancing customer experience

Simplify case and project management

Simplify case and project management

Build digital documentation of every project by storing all relevant documents, emails, and other content together in one secure repository. Enjoy easy, mobile access to collateral, and client data.
Utilize secure deal rooms

Utilize secure deal rooms

Execute compound transactions in virtual deal rooms that assure the confidentiality of the content. Sign and agree to documents without the hassle of printing, scanning or faxing with the X.509 e-signature feature. Your documents are protected by watermarking, permission controls, and information right management.
Enhance collaboration

Enhance collaboration

Collaborate effectively and directly with clients using comments and tasks. Foster teamwork and collaboration amongst your employees through routing, circulating and assigning tasks to them.


Drive your business with streamlined workflow management

Upgrade production with easy and instant access

Access necessary documents anywhere, anytime with local or remote networks. Provide all corporate employees and clients with the most up-to-date project files. Assign tasks and keep track of the working progress. Monitor the status of agreements, applications, vendor contracts, and any other updates.

Accelerate invoicing

Manage and complete orders and invoices more efficiently by reducing the time spent on numerous approvals. Make retrieving orders instant and easy by using different search criteria. Route and circulate invoices for between different departments and personnel for review and processing.

Leverage security and compliance

Comply with ISO standards throughout your organization by tracking actions related to individual and group project files. Set and grant permission right to read, update, delete, print, make annotations to different users or user groups. Create granular security on data that differ for employees on different positions.

Improve internal collaboration

Work with colleagues and partners remotely and with high convenience. Make use of our powerful governance and security management.

Construction & Manufacturing

Work better. Build faster

Execute project bidding effectively

Execute project bidding effectively

Simplify and facilitate the bid and proposal process. Share securely plans and specs for proposals and automatize basic workflows to assure bids are submitted timely.
Keep everyone on track

Keep everyone on track

Provide architects, engineers, and contractors with secure and easy access to the projects from any device. Upload, view, and edit files with convenience in a unified system.
Improve work productivity

Improve work productivity

Advance daily business operations and communications within different branch offices of your organization by deploying a unitary and centralized repository. Eliminate downtime and give clients greater insight into every stage of the project.