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Linux & OSS Best Solution Award 2017

  • Linux & OSS Best Solution Award 2017

Hong Kong SMEs Business Day 2017 ended

2017 organized by the Linux Pilot Limited, Cloud Expo Asia, Cloud Security Expo, Smart IoT Hong Kong, Data Centre World and Hong Kong Linux Business Association, Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong SMEs to support the joint meeting of the "SME Business Day: How to use technology to large Voucher Scheme transfiguration "in at 14:00 on May 25, 2017 to 5.00 at the Hong Kong Convention and exhibition Center successfully held.

SME seminar invited a number of experts on how to use technology to share Voucher Scheme upgrading and restructuring, also invited the industry to share help SMEs to upgrade their services and concepts. The workshop was chaired by Mr. Michael Fallon Linux Pilot Officer. Mr. Huang Pengxu first joint meeting of the Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong SMEs to "Opportunities and Challenges for SMEs in 2017" as a greeting, innovation and technology in order to encourage SMEs to upgrade and meet the challenges ahead. Then, by a Legislative Councilor (Information Technology), Mr. Mok share how SMEs use of technology to enhance the competitiveness of coupons? Mr MOK to Know About participants to apply science and technology coupons, including coupons can be funded science and technology projects, the amount of subsidy, etc. In particular, he reminded participants to pay attention to the program must apply for the spindle, not just hardware or software required.

Then share Hong Kong SMEs by Mr. Chien Chin source Linux Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the attendees how to use technology voucher program Makeovers. Jane Chairman emphasized SME upgrading innovation can not be separated, he Linux system, for example, refers to the Linux operating system is innovative in the mainstream operating system. Followed by the Takashi Agam hypersensitivity Technology Co., Ltd. project manager for "self-advertising technology integration" as the keynote, sharing a simple self-service platform advertising themselves to do their own advertising, how to provide self-service and quick-stop advertising platform for SMEs can be low-cost advertisements. After that, even by the business, general manager of Mr. Xiao Youqiang with "customer relationship management solutions on how to help small and medium business growth" as the keynote, sharing the economic effects of membership can bring and have good customer relationship management is an important part of the economy Member . The final keynote was Cloudland System Co., Ltd. Mr. Wu Canyao CEO "anytime, anywhere protection and control of your data," Mr Ng share a few key points of the company's data management and control of the importance of data to note.

After the keynote speech to the issue, "Linux & 2017 OSS Best Solution" - Editor's Choice and "wisdom business strategy --2017 best Super Brand Award" - Editor's Choice time. First, the honorary president of the International Association of SMEs in Hong Kong, Beijing University Academy of Fellows of the private economy, SMEs in Hong Kong joint meeting of the founding chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, 2007-2009 Hong Kong SAR Government Central Policy Unit, part-time Adviser, Mr. Huang Pengxu as "business intellectual strategy - guests of honor best super brand Award 2017 "in. Dr. Xu Deming was then president of the Macau Association of Information Technology and Mr. Kan Kam Yuen Chairman of the Hong Kong Linux Industry Association "Linux & OSS Best Solution 2017" guests of honor. Ceremony presided over Linux Pilot editor in chief of Mr. Xiaoyou Jiang congratulated all the winners, and finally all the winners group photo with the guests of honor, officially ended.

  • Linux & OSS Best Solution Award 2017
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