The Health Check Service

  1. Routine checks, helping to find out threats and existing problems, improving the overall efficiency of the system.
  2. System failures and it couldn’t work normally because of accident false operation, configuration etc. we conduct the health check after your requirements.
  • To find potential problems
    Like the human body, we also need to inspect the system, preventing potential lost in the future.
  • To solve existing problems
    Health check makes every details of the system clear, easy to find the problem.
  • To offer professional advice
    Our technicians have many years of experience and solid expertise on our system, providing you with professional suggestions, achieve the highest ROI of the system for you.

Service Procedures:

Step 1: Health check application

In addition to routine inspections yearly, the other system health checks are required
to complete an application form in order to cause our technicians enough attention.

Step 2: Preparation and implementation program

After receipt of the application and technicians will write
health inspection program based on the specific circumstances of the customer's system.

Step 3: Implementation of the health check