The Troubleshooting Service

Troubleshooting Service is committed to providing customers with consult and resolution to problems in different degrees causing system failures and abnormal work situation. By phone, remote, on-site and other ways it makes the system back to work smoothly.

Service Procedures:

Step 1: Fill in the troubleshooting application form

Customers can get in touch with us by phone, email, etc., our technicians will firstly
let you fill out an application form, or you can log in our official website to download the form directly and fill in.

Step 2: Discuss and produce resolution plan

We assign specific technicians to you based on your application form,
generally they are the people who take in charge of your original project,
through discussion and other methods we finish the resolution plan.

Step 3: The Implementation of resolution plan

After the plan is finalized, our technical staff will explain the details to customers and conduct problem elimination.