The System Upgrade Service

Our system upgrades with the upgrades of some important IT software and our own capability enhancement, for customers, system upgrades enable it to fully play their role and improve efficiency again. We will start to do an assessment of customers' system, covering all aspects of the system, and then do the system upgrade in a test environment, finally complete the system upgrade in production environment.

Service Procedures:

Step 1: Evaluate the previous version of the system

Analyze Asta previous system’s structure, design and functions.
Analyze Asta previous system’s environment, including servers, hardware information and components etc.

Step 2: Develop the upgrade plan

Based on the step 1 develop system upgrade plan, including system upgrade time, work assignments, detailed steps, precautions, workload assessment, risk prediction and measures to these, server roles allocation and hardware requirements.

Step 3: Implement upgrade plan

According to the implementation plan to upgrade, test system upgrades under test environment, upgrade software under production environment and do observation, diagnosis until it’s completed.